Hi and thank you for landing on The Me website. This site offers FREE Stream of music and videos and also FREE Downloads of The Me music \O/ . The site allows me an outlet for my rock and roll fantasy as you may see when you explore the site. I love writing songs, and play a whole host of instruments, recording and mixing and mastering my music, perhaps badly, you decide.  I spend an exceedingly long part of every day working with music, either composing or working through new ideas. Normally I compose songs on the piano but occasionally composition starts with an acoustic guitar. My ambition is to work towards the quality of musicianship and production that is evident from Zappa albums. I love the fusion of rock and jazz but also the dadaism that Zappa explored throughout his recording catalogue.

This is little old me, The Me, I write, play all instruments, produce..perhaps badly..but sometimes it all works out fine and I’m then proud of the results, this is for you to decide. I started in the rock scene back in ’66 with a band called The Substitute‘ and at that time I was a humble roadie, did everything that the musicians didn’t fancy but it all was brilliant fun to a teenager with the sense that we would all end up in London with a big recording contract and be on Top of The Pops. However, not to be. ‘Substitute’ popularity built up over about a year gigging in The Glasgow area in Scotland and as the rock world moves from pop to psychedelia the band’s name changed to Black Orchid‘ and at that time we played long versions of Rolling Stones covers that naturally included ‘Paint It Black’ since we were the Black Orchids. We played The Maryland Ballroom, Scott Street, Glasgow supporting the big Liverpool acts such as ‘The Swinging Blue Jeans‘ and suddenly we had an agent who promptly changed the name to ‘The Royals‘ and set up a tour of the US and British army and airbases in Germany. That is where I parted company owing to me passing Institute of Bankers In Scotland exams and I stupidly thought that banking would be a secure career option. I however still mixed with bands and roadied again for a band called ‘Sad Bean‘ who did Eagles covers and we got a couple of gigs and a support act to Chou Parrot and Fraser Spiers with his brilliant blues harmonica work. Working over the years supporting a family and the bankers with mortgage payments it was not until the early 1990’s that my brother Donne and I started to record again and some of these tracks are in the archive section of this site.

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JasT (The Me)



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