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Welcome to The Me site. The site will explore the music of the 60’s ‘Beat Bands’ that laid the foundations to modern British rock music. All the music that is available on the site is performed by The Me, which is myself, Jim Thomson. The early sixties Beat bands were hugely influential in my musical development. I roadied for bands back in 1966/67/68/69/72/73 (The Royals, The Substitute, The Black Orchids) back then. These years were fantastic, busy, hopeful, but most of all filled with fun.

So, I hope to give a taste of the music that formed the bulk of pub/club performing bands and the music that was circulating around the Beat circuits back then. I do hope you find at least some of them interesting.  I perform and record all the music on the site. I hope there are not too many errors in the numbers. I hunt out singles and acetates many of them by unknown bands or composers and give the song a renewed audio life, that some may enjoy. I hope you will.  In the meantime its back to hunting out that little gem of a number that has not been heard for over sixty years, learn it, record it and bring it to you.

Check out the menu selection tabs for the music.

Thanking you for visiting the site, I hope you may find some of it of interest.

Take care,

Jim Thomson (The Me)